Thursday, July 30, 2015

Recommended flower making books for flower designers

Please find below a list of flower making books worthy having in you library (with a brief review):

❀ 1 ❀

One of out of print book is The Flower Workshop by Vera Jeffery.
- basics of the craft (tools and supplies, how to prepare the fabric etc.)
- step-by-step instructions in text and line drawings for more than 40 different flowers and plants that are made out of paper as well as fabric
- many original ideas for the use of the handmade flowers in colour pictures.
- flowers include roses, poppies, daisies, carnations etc. as well as more unusual ones like azalea, stephanotis, hollyhock, orange blossom and others.
- special occasions (Christmas flowers, Easter and weddings)

The Flower Workshop by Vera Jeffery is a great book to have on your shelf, and what's more, you can pick your preloved copy for a fraction of its price.

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 ❀ 2 ❀

silk flowers how2hats
 Silk Flowers by Sally Harper-Kenn must me the latest English language book on fabric flower making.
- colour photographs
- intro about fabrics, tools, stiffening and painting the fabric
- instructions on 6 fabric flowers (2 similar roses, narcissus, poppy, peony and anemone) to be made with a flower iron.
- good for beginners, otherwise too simple and brief

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❀ 3 ❀

fabric flower making books
Handmade Silk Flowers by Bruce Miller and Mary Donnelly was published in 1986.
- a definite must-have manual for a  fabric flower artist
- invaluable book for beginners in the craft
- a thorough introduction to the process of silk flower making (tools and fabrics review, fabric stiffeners and basic techniques and processes)
- patterns and instructions for 44 different plants including such rarities as Rhododendron, Geranium, Dogwood Blossom, Maple and Ivy Leaves etc.
- info on wedding flowers, tips on making bouquets,  boutonnieres, corsages, hair - a colour guide to wedding flowers.
- patterns and flowers a a bit on a simpler side
- mostly black and white

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❀ 4 ❀

sflowers Anne
Silk Flowers; Making and Arranging Ribbon FLowers by Anne Hamilton and Kathleen White was published back in 1988.
- introduction about some basic techniques including cutting, texturing, reinforcing and lining, taping, wiring, as well as making flower centres and assembling
- clear step-by-step instructions for nearly sixty different flowers and plants  including poinsettia, lily of the valley, fern, eucalyptus, Japanese maple etc
- some designs require a flower iron
- a section on silk flower arrangements, both traditional and modern, wedding flowers, church flowers, flowers as gifts and flowers to wear
- a really useful book for any flower maker with a variety of templates and ways of using the flowers
The book uses special ribbons for flower making but stiffened natural fabrics can successfully substitute them

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 ❀ 5 ❀

 Adornments: Sew and Create Accessories with Fabric, Lace and Beads  is written by Myra Callan, an accessories designer and a successful Etsy entrepreneur.
-   a number of projects ranging from earrings to fascinators
-  a variety of techniques,  and different combinations of them
-  plenty of ideas on how to use silk flowers in different accessories ( fascinators,  sashes, bib necklaces, earrings etc) to create wearable pieces of art
- detailed instructions with colour pictures
- silk flowers presented in the book are rather simple
- a flower iron is needed for some projects

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 ❀ 6 ❀

 Handmade flowers from Paper and Fabric by Steve and Megumi Biddle was first published back in 1991.

- book on  fabric,  paper and ribbons flowers
- intro on some general techniques of flower making and tools
- no need to use a flower iron
- instructions for 28 flowers and plants including rare ones like foxgloves, bird of paradise, strawberries, frangipani, nerine etc.
- tips on how to assemble corsages and bridal bouquets
- versatile book for a wide audience of crafters

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... to be continued ...

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