Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring in leather bloom

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As the days become warmer Eva and I spend more and more time wandering pedestrian paths and little streets of our city enjoying spring and the blooms it has brought.
One of the classic spring flowers is a noble camellia. Often hidden in the back gardens it is in full bloom at the moment. More often than not camellia flower has clean lines and a regular shape which is perfect for recreating this flower in leather. I have gone slightly mad and made a whole load of smaller and larger camellias in differently coloured genuine leather and suede.

Leather camellia
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Camellias can be finished with a brooch pin or a hair clip.

During our expeditions along footpaths we come across much more humble flowers too. Like tiny wild violets scattered among the grass here and there. They are very fragile and will not survive for much longer once they are picked. To make them I chose soft suede of an appropriate colour. Now you can enjoy this sweet brooch of wild violets for as long as you wish!

Wild violets brooch
What are  you creating this spring?

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