Monday, May 14, 2012

First ever Craft Fair to take part

Craft Fairs season was officially opened last Saturday when we took part in our first ever Craft Fair in a small village of Methwold, Norfolk. Having read a number of articles in both English and Russian on how to prepare oneself for the first fair I can say that we have done a very good job! The Fair took place in the Village Hall which turned out to be a pleasant and well-lit building. Tables were laid out in a circle letting potential craft hunters flow freely around the Hall making several rounds. Here is the picture of our display:

We also used a laptop slide show to demonstrate stages of flower making process and more flowers.
I have to admit that despite a decent footfall the public was not ready for hand made from scratch and hand painted silk flowers. We did give out some business cards, but people who stopped and got interested in the silk flowers were mainly thinking weddings and occasions. It is a pity because most of my creations were perfect for everyday wear and one does not need a special occasion or a wedding invitation to wear a silk flower brooch. I guess a lot of work needs to be done to make people see silk flowers as a very nice and stylish, extremely feminine accessory, be it a brooch, a hair clip or a headband

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